Suppose I have a x_train, y1_train and y2_train.

I want to construct a network (such as simple MLP) to fit y1_train and to be low correlated with y2_train (or to fit -y2_train) simultaneously.

How could I achieve this goal? Is the custom loss function a good solution?

I use keras as my tool.


So this problem is less of a Deep learning problem and more of a logical problem. Your y1_train and y2_train can be modelled along with a pointer label that points what output to be considered in the output. Lets say we create the concatenated output as follows:

[[0/1],[y1_train], [y2_train]] 

Where 0 could represent weather the label to be selected is y1 or y2 and so on.

But if you are planning to create a little more complex output and train different outputs on different loss functions, here is an article you should refer to Multiple output tutorial/examples and Custom Loss Function for Unequal Weighted Multiple-Output Node Regression


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