I need to cluster my data, but there are multiple ways to view the data such that I can't really place it all into a single table. I have been working with Open Refine to cluster this data but I keep running into a limitation.

I have two tables that share a common column ID. The first table is a list of cars:

CarId    |    Make    |   Model    |    Year    | 
0        | Toyota     |   ...      | 2018       |
etc ...

And a second table:

CarId    |    Part    |   Color    |    Weight     | 
0        | Driver Door|   Green    |    123        |
etc ...

So Open Refine only works with a single table of data at at time. This is an issue because obviously the data I want to cluster by is in two different tables.

How would I be able to ask, say, show me all cars that don't have a Green Driver Door, or all cars that do have a Green Driver Door?

I could join these all into a single table using an SQL join, but what if the data set doesn't practically fit into a single table? I could "ask the question" by using an SQL query, but at that point I am not interactively clustering with open refine, I have to go back to sql and re-export the data whenever I want to ask a different question...



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