I am having trouble accessing the parameters of estimators of model in SparkMLlib. More precisely my problem is: I have a logistic regression model for which I want to find the best regularization parameters (regParam and elasticNetParam). To do that, I use the CrossValidator which works and finds me a model better than all the other one I tried. The issue is that I do not know how to access the actual value of the parameters that were found by the cross validator. Below is the code I use to fit my cross validator:

from pyspark.ml.evaluation import BinaryClassificationEvaluator
from pyspark.ml.tuning import CrossValidator, ParamGridBuilder
from pyspark.ml.classification import LogisticRegression

lr_predictor = LogisticRegression(featuresCol='polyFeatures', labelCol='label', maxIter=10)
paramGrid = ParamGridBuilder() \
    .addGrid(lr_predictor.elasticNetParam, [0., 0.5, 1]) \
    .addGrid(lr_predictor.regParam, [0.1, 0.01]) \
crossval = CrossValidator(estimator=LogRegPipeline,
cvModel = crossval.fit(train_set)
bestModel = cvModel.bestModel
# How to get the best parameters fitted by cvModel 
  • $\begingroup$ Did you try bestModel.extractParamMap()? $\endgroup$ – Biggus Sep 6 '19 at 16:48

It's not the most elegant solution but you can use the following to at least zip together evaluation metrics and hyper parameters

zip(cvModel.avgMetrics, paramGrid)

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