I am trying to train and predict SVHN dataset (VGG architecture). I get very high validate/test accuracy by just getting the largest output class. However, the output weights are of large positive and negative numbers. Are they supposed to parsed as exp(output)/sum(exp(output)) to be converted to probability? Thank you!


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The numbers to which you are referring are probably the logits of the NN. The logits have to be transformed using a activation function which could be:

  • Softmax ( which you showed ) for classification tasks.

  • Linear activation function for regression tasks.

Softmax activation function :

The mathematical notion is as follows:

$\Large S( y_i ) = \frac{ e^{y_i}}{ \sum e^{y_i} }$

It converts the logits to class probabilities that sum to 1. It is widely used in multiclass classification problems.

CNNs for classification need to produce class probabilities which are produced by a softmax activation function at the output layer.


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