I am trying to calculate maximum values for different groups in a relation in Pig. The relation has three columns patientid, featureid and featurevalue (all int). I group the relation based on featureid and want to calculate the max feature value of each group, heres the code:

grpd = GROUP features BY featureid;
DUMP grpd;
temp = FOREACH grpd GENERATE $0 as featureid, MAX($1.featurevalue) as val;

Its giving me Invalid scalar projection: grpd Exception. I read on different forums that MAX takes in a "bag" format for such functions, but when I take the dump of grpd, it shows me a bag format. Here's a small part of the output from the dump:


Whats the issue ?


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The issue was with column addressing, heres the correct working code:

grpd = GROUP features BY featureid;
temp = FOREACH grpd GENERATE group as featureid, MAX(features.featurevalue) as val;

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