I am creating a chatbot. I am trying to find closely matched entities from the question.

I know there are few options like difflib, fuzzywuzzy but they all good for a single word or match entire statements.


word = 'appel'
patterns = ['ape', 'apple', 'peach', 'puppy'] 

difflib.get_close_matches(word, patterns)

But in my case I have an entire statement

statment = 'I want to buy 2 red appl'

entities = ['red apple','green grapes','red orange','yellow mango']

So I had to set cutoff value very low as it considers whole statement and it will result in extracting entities even if they are not present.

If I had single word entities, I could have simply use word_tokenizer but my that is not the case. I have entities with 2-3 words as mentioned in above case.

So I will have to create bigrams and trigrams to match which will slow down the process and create delay in the response.

Is there a way to deal with it?


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