I have a basic question that I can't seem to find an answer to.

I built and trained with good results (above 90% accuracy) a NLP Log classifier that takes in a UTF-8 payload and classifies it into 32 distinct categories but I am having a hard time writing a simple script that loads all the necessary info from my training and testing session (model.h5 and ?).

This is the structure of my code.

# load data logs and split it 80-20 for training and testing
vocab_size = 500
tokenizer = text.Tokenizer(num_words=vocab_size)
x_train = tokenize.text_to_matrix(trainRawLogs)
x_test = tokenize.text_to_matrix(testRawLogs)

encoder = labelBinarizer()

#Model build is simple ReLu - Softmax




Now here is my question.

Out of all of this process what do I need to save to build a lightweight classifier? The model? The model and the labels? Anything else? I tried loading the model


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In keras you have the option to save the entire model state including the optimizer parameters or simply the model weights. In the first case all you need to do is:

model = load_model(model_path)  

In the second case you have to first create your model and then load the weights:


In case model is not already specified:

model = Sequential()  




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