How can I calculate the number of parameters for a 2D CNN layer?

I usually use the equation: output width= ((W-F+2*P )/S)+1 = (x)

The same answer will be valid for the output height considering that they have the same dimension. So the output dimension will be (x,x).

However, what if I want to calculate the number of parameters for a 2D CNN layer with filter size 5x5, input channel/depth = 3, and output channel or depth of 8?

  • $\begingroup$ What are W, F, P, S and x? $\endgroup$ – timleathart May 10 '19 at 2:48

When we say the filter size if 5x5 it is for an image with 1 input channel, for three the filter size is 5x5x3 (but at a lot of places this additional info is skipped to make things easy to understand). When you apply a kernel of 5x5x3 to an image the output is just one channel. To get an output of 8 channels you need 8 such kernels. In that case, the number of parameters would be 5x5x3x8.


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