Is there a 'proper' term for an ID (or IDs) that have been superseded by (or merged into) another ID?

My use case:

  • rsIDs are used by geneticists to refer to a SNP. These take the form of a string 'rs#####'
  • Over time, some of these rsIDs are merged into others when it becomes evident that they refer to the same SNP with another rsID. eg rs879161658
  • it is useful to keep track of these old identifier(s) that were used, even when using the latest rsID as the canonical identifier. rs879161658 will still be found in some legacy resources
  • it is not possible to control the creation or naming of these rsIDs

I've considered AKA, alias, and even Née (born as) but is there something traditionally used? I could ask this on a language-focused stackexchange but here seems like it would be more useful


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