Given a few specific words, which techniques of Natural Language Processing can I use to achieve creating a meaningful sentence from those words?


Words: jackets, highest sale, sweaters, lowest sale

Sentence: Jackets exhibited the highest sales while sweaters sold the least.

If my question is too broad, let me know so I can ask more specific questions.


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I resolved the issue by making use of the Natural Language Generation, Python Library , nlglib

The solution I came up with is depicted through the Python Code below.

import nlglib
realise_en = Realiser(host='nlg.kutlak.info', port=40000)

p = Clause(NP('jackets'), VP('achieve','highest sales'))
p['TENSE'] = 'PAST'
q = Clause(NP('sweaters'), VP('exhibit','lowest sales'))
q['TENSE'] = 'PAST'

This prints the statements

Jackets achieved highest sales.
Sweaters exhibited lowest sales.
Jackets achieved highest sales while Sweaters exhibited lowest sales.

This is the best solution I found so far.


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