suppose I want to track the ratings of seasons of a TV show. so there are three columns of data-season number, year, and ratings. I want the year and ratings on the axes and season number as labels on the points. how can this be achieved considering visualization tools only take in values for X and Y axes?


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Have a look at matplotlib's annotate.

Here are some examples. I believe it works well with seaborn too.


I am assuming the tv show ratings of a season changes as time passes. If you are using a library called Pandas there is a function called groupby, which helps you to group certain columns of a dataframe and form a new dataframe.

To import pandas

import pandas as pd

Groupby syntax

New_dataframe=old.groupby("Year")["Season Number"].function_you_want_to_use()

If stacked is true the bars will will be on top of one another.

This image is just an example from another dataset

I don't have your exact data. So consider
the x axis as year
the y axis as ratings
labels as season number(example S1-blue, S2-orange, S3-green)


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