Is Categorical Crossentropy always bounded between 0 and 1, or is it possible that during training of a Neural Network it can get higher values?

More specifically, I'm referring to the TensorFlow 2.0 function.


You can actually get values from $[0, \infty[$. Consider the cross entropy loss be following formula:

$loss (y_{pred}, y_{true}) = - \log{y_{pred, class_i}}$

, whereas the index $class_i$ states that you only use the output of the $i$th class.

For example think that your true class is $dog$, which is represented by the $3$rd output neuron. On the $3$rd output neuron your network outputs a probability of $10\%$. Your loss is then $-\log{10\%}= 2.3$. Further if your probability is only $0.1\%$ your loss will equal $6.9$ and so on.

Remember that:

$\lim\limits_{x \rightarrow 0}{\log{x}} = -\infty$

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