Currently looking for a good tool to annotate sentences regarding aspects and their respective sentiment polarities.

I'm using SemEval Task 4 as a reference. The following is an example in the training dataset:

<sentence id="2005">
    <text>it is of high quality, has a killer GUI, is extremely stable, is highly expandable, is bundled with lots of very good applications, is easy to use, and is absolutely gorgeous.</text>
        <aspectTerm term="quality" polarity="positive" from="14" to="21"/>
        <aspectTerm term="GUI" polarity="positive" from="36" to="39"/>
        <aspectTerm term="applications" polarity="positive" from="118" to="130"/>
        <aspectTerm term="use" polarity="positive" from="143" to="146"/>

Can I easily use doccano for such a task? Or would I be better off using some other tool, such as brat?


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You can use sequence labeling feature to annotate the text:

enter image description here


Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis often involves linking aspect terms with polarity terms, e.g. from https://arxiv.org/pdf/2204.05232.pdf:

enter image description here

Since 2022, Doccano also supports relation annotation:

enter image description here

To install Doccano on Ubuntu:

# Install conda
wget https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/Anaconda3-2023.03-1-Linux-x86_64.sh 
bash Anaconda3-2023.03-1-Linux-x86_64.sh -b
if ! [[ $PATH =~ "$HOME/anaconda3/bin" ]]; then
conda init bash
source ~/.bashrc 

# Install Doccano in a conda virtual env
conda create -n doccanopy310 python=3.10 anaconda
conda activate doccanopy310
pip install doccano

# Run Doccano. Commands from https://doccano.github.io/doccano/install_and_upgrade_doccano/#install-with-pip# Initialize database. First time only.
doccano init
# Create a super user. First time only.
doccano createuser --username admin --password pass
# Start a web server.
doccano webserver --port 8000

Then, run from another terminal:

# Start the task queue to handle file upload/download.
doccano task

Doccano can be accessed via


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