I am in my 4th year in Computer Science and I am looking for a good idea for my undergraduate honours project.

This summer, I am working in a research centre that does analysis and visualization of big data sets. Despite the fact that my role in the team is much more technical and IT than it being data-analytical related, I have been exposed to the field of data science. And after hearing some experiences from the co workers and the skills they own and tools they use to deal with their data, I have decided to make my honours project related to data science.

Now the thing is, I know most of the data science applications are research-based (to visualize, analyse, extract, collect etc). What I am asking for is a couple of project ideas in the computer science field. According to the description of the project I should pursue :

Honours Project involves the development of a software system or framework, implementation or prototype of an application, experimental comparison of similar algorithms or design/analysis of a new algorithm.

If you can suggest any cool ideas I can turn them into an undergrad project, I would appreciate that.

Note : my field of expertise is computer science, and I have a fundamental basic knowledge in Statistics. I am keen to learn more in the future, however the requirements of this project should pertain to the computer science department.


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