I have a text dataset similar to newsgroup dataset, the problem with the dataset is that it is highly imbalanced. So is there any readily built library that will do upsampling or downsampling with a function call?

Imbalanced dataset

from imblearn.over_sampling import ADASYN, SMOTE, RandomOverSampler
from imblearn.under_sampling import NearMiss, RandomUnderSampler

ros = RandomOverSampler(random_state=777)
X_ROS, y_ROS = ros.fit_sample(testing_tfidf, testing_target)

smt = SMOTE(random_state=777, k_neighbors=1)
rus = RandomUnderSampler(random_state=777)

Good article for ref: https://towardsdatascience.com/yet-another-twitter-sentiment-analysis-part-1-tackling-class-imbalance-4d7a7f717d44


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