I am implementing a research paper on image segmentation. Following are the image segmentation steps which are to be done before training its network-

1.Following image normalization is used-

N(w, h) = I(w, h) − G(w, h),<br>

where G is the gaussian blur image with std dev = 60 and kernel size = 65*65 and I is the original image.
2. The images are normalized by subtracting the mean image computed over the training set, and dividing each pixel by the average standard deviation.
3. A validation split of 15% is selected.
4.Random crops of size 512 × 512 are extracted randomly out of the original images ,We opt for a dynamic augmented data set, where training samples are generated randomly at the start of each mini-batch.
5. We artificially grow our data set by a factor of 8 through rotation at 90, 180 and 270 degrees and horizontal flips.
6. We have implemented elastic deformation by sampling control points on a regularly spaced 100 × 100 grid. Each control point has isotropic Gaussian noise added with σ = 20

Following is my implementation of the same-

def gaussian_blur(img):
    image = cv2.GaussianBlur(image,(65,65),10)
    new_image = img - image
return image

def normalise(img):
   img_normalised = np.empty(img.shape)
   img_std = np.std(img)
   img_mean = np.mean(img)
   img_normalized = (img-img_mean)/imgs_std

   for i in range(img.shape[1]):
      img_normalized[i] = (img_normalized - np.mean(img_normalized))/np.std(img_normalized)
   return img_normalized

path_dir = 'dataset_path'
data_transform = transforms.Compose([transforms.RandomCrop((512,512)),

dataset = datasets.ImageFolder(path_dir,transform = data_transform)

and I am loading it in the standard way using torch.dataloader after splitting it using randomSampler.

I am unable to figure out few things-
How to add normalization and gaussian_blur steps into it?
Am I doing the step 5th correctly?
How to implement elastic deformation step?


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