We are currently using XGBoost model with Tweedie loss for solving a regression problem which works very good, now I wanted to move our model to Keras and experience with neural networks, do anybody know how I can implement Tweedie loss for Keras? I only care about the instance when p=1.5 which gives us the best result in XGBoost.



I end up implementing something like this:

def tweedieloss(y_true, y_pred):
    dev = 2 * (K.pow(y_true, 2-p)/((1-p) * (2-p)) -
                   y_true * K.pow(y_pred, 1-p)/(1-p) +
                   K.pow(y_pred, 2-p)/(2-p))
    return K.mean(dev)

which I don't know how right it is, for now it seems to be working.


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