I am trying to reproduce the following tutorial, using my own data. The aim is to build a RNN model, which has three LSTM cells.

I've run my script and I had some results. When I rerun it to plot my data, an error message told me to close the interactive tensorflow session tf.InteractiveSession()(I've forgotten to do so).

So, I closed the session: session.close() to run the program again but I didn't get any result.

I am working in Anaconda; I've tried to restart the IPython console and to restart Spyder, in vain.

I'm quite sure my program is still running in the back, but I don't know how to find and stop it.

Thanks in advance

I've checked today in the task Manager of Windows, there is no such a program running in the background. However, I still can not run the LSTM.

It's like if my program were jumping beyond this part to plot direcly the result: I've specially put some print indicators in my script to follow exacly the evolution of it.


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