How does time series work with multiple time series data sets on the same index?

For example, suppose I were a utilities company. Suppose I have the electricity usage of two homes, each indexed for the same time period, daily from January 2018 - December 2018.

If I wanted to train a model that could predict the daily t+1 energy usage based on data from January 2018 to time t $\forall t > 12/31/2018$, how would I accomplish this?

How would I format my input data matrix for the various time series forecasting models or neural networks like LSTM or RNNs?

House 1: 50kwh ...

House 2: 15kwh ...


To be clear, I am not asking how to predict the aggregated sum total of energy usage. I am interested in predicting the next day usage of each house.

Would I need to have two separate models, or could the weights of one single model accomplish this task? If the latter, how do I format my dataframe?


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