Not sure why, but Orange is crashing on me quite often.

I only have 100K instances and 127 features. I've saved the dataset as a PKL on my C solid state C drive and trimmed it down using Orange to far fewer features and a random 1K of instances before running any stats procedures. I've also tried reinstalling both Orange and Python. My machine is a 1.7 GHz machine w/ 16GB with latest version of Orange 3.22.0

Doesn't seem like a lot for Python... is it too much for Orange? Does Orange need a faster machine or more RAM? Otherwise, it is a great tool.. I just wish I could get it to handle this data w/o crashing/seizing. Welcome any suggestions you might have. Cutting down the data to Iris example size isn't an option and I eventually need to run on 1M instances.



  • $\begingroup$ Can I ask you, why you use Orange and not Python or R? What is the advantage of Orange over other programs? How large is your file? $\endgroup$ – Peter Aug 2 '19 at 16:48

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