Updating a legacy ~ETL; on it's base it exports some tables of the prod DB to s3, the export contains a query. The export process generates a csv file using the following logic:

res = sh.sed(
       '-D', settings_dict['NAME'],
       '-h', settings_dict['HOST'],
       '-e', '{0}'.format(query)

the mid term solution with more traction is AWS Glue, but if I could have a similar function to generate parquet files instead of csv files there would be much needed big short term gains


I can think of a few ways besides using Apache Spark.


it seams that there is no direct way to do it, other than through Spark / PySpark; as long as that holds true, the answer is in SO: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27718382/how-to-work-with-mysql-and-apache-spark


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