I'm trying to run a simple GroundTruth labeling job with a private workforce for text classification. Since I'm new to AWS GroundTruth, I have some questions:

If I use private workforce what is the maximum number of persons that I can allocate to the labeling job? Does the pricing cost depend on number of persons used in private workforce.

I have a labeled dataset (text classication), and I upload it to S3 bucket, if I upload another unlabeled datas to it, will AutoML label the provided raw data? If not, how can I use already labelled dataset to label new raw datas/

Groundtruth documentation says that it needs atleast 1000 objects to be labeled by humans. Does it mean 1000 objects of all classes, or 1000 objects for individual class? If I manually label 1000+ objects, how many more objects will AutoML label or what is the maximum number of objects can AutoML label?


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