I have R scripts that process a client's datasets (make figures, summary tables, etc). I'd like to package these scripts into a standalone program, aka data science tool, that I can give to the client and that requires no interaction with code on their part. Ideally they will open the tool, load data, click run, and be given reports. How can I accomplish this?

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    $\begingroup$ Did you check shiny? shiny.rstudio.com/tutorial $\endgroup$ – Peter Sep 24 '19 at 9:43
  • $\begingroup$ Do you have to bundle the whole of R in there as well, or do they install that first? $\endgroup$ – Spacedman Sep 24 '19 at 18:49

You can refer below the answer to the similar question asked.


Alternatively, You can use R-shiny app for it. You can build application which can be deployed on website also. See below link for the examples of application made by R-shiny.


This way client will not be seeing your code at all and will be working on it just as a tool.


If you are not familiar with user interface and server-side programming I strongly recommend you the shiny. Below a very nice walkthrough for your first nice shiny app.


it is basically creating your r instructions on the same server that your customer can reach and creating a shiny app that is made of user-interface part and server instructions part and combining them as arguments in shinyApp() function.

Here is a nice cheat sheet of shiny.


it will take your couple days to deploy when you are done with Rstudio resoruces.


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