I have made a spark cluster containing 2 workers and 1 master. I followed the following link to set up the spark clusters. After successfully setting up the spark clusters I wanted to connect it to Zeppelin.

Initially I realized when code is run on zepplin it runs on an anonymous cluster generated within zepplin. But I finally configured it to run on my Spark Cluster.

I a simple python program on zepplin.

# create DataFrame from python list. It can infer schema for you.
df1 = spark.createDataFrame([(1, "andy", 20, "USA"), (2, "jeff", 23, "China"), (3, "james", 18, "USA")]).toDF("id", "name", "age", "country")

# create DataFrame from pandas dataframe
df2 = spark.createDataFrame(df1.toPandas())

This was not getting executed. The notebook kept it's state at pending. I believe there is a configuration problem.

I also realized that every simple code I entered wasn't executed. even print("Hello World"). I want to know the steps on how to exactly set up zepplin with the spark cluster.


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