I have 16 features in my dataset:['age','job', 'marital', 'education', 'default','balance','housing','loan','contact','day','month','duration','campaign','pdays','previous','poutcome']. And result as : 'y'{0,1}:

Standardize Data looks like:

enter image description here

I did k-means on this Standardize Data, x.

kmean1 = KMeans(n_clusters=2).fit(x)

pca = PCA(n_components=2) principalComponents = pca.fit_transform(x)

How do plot scatter plot for this Standardize Data (x)? I did plot the scatter plot for PC1 vs. PC2, but I am not sure if its correct, to associate PCA points for k-means graph. Can I even draw a scatter plot for more than 2 features, like in my case 16 features? How will I color it based on values of 'y'.


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