I want to prepare my data for data mining, using a SOM to find data patterns. I have data about households in South Africa. The data is per individual per household. The census asked questions such as if the individual of a household was suffered any injuries or diseases in the last three months and if any what kind of injury or disease.

With this data, I can determine how many inhabitants of a province in South Africa contracted a disease as well as how many are injured. I can also see what the most likely disease or injury a household would be suffering per province and even get a general idea of the number of people injured or contracted a disease per age group per province. With this dataset, I want to find patterns provinces share but I don't know if I need to exclude or include the province as a one-hot encoded feature in my household data set or leave it out altogether.

I also tried to understand how to label provinces in a U-Matrix but most researchers explain what a U-Matrix is instead of actually explaining how they labeled their geographic feature inside a U-Matrix as seen here. Just point me to a keyword to research and I will do so.


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