I have very little python experience but I have been wanting to get into data science and thought I would start with pdf/text mining. Because it's something I need right now anyway.

I have a list of all local college with their percentile scores of last year. They categorized. And there is one for all engineering courses. I would like to just mine the ones for Computer Engineering courses and just column data as shown below..

The pdf sample image

link to the pdf

I would like the percentage numbers to be picked up. But ONLY for the Course Name of Computer Engineering [FIRST SHIFT]. I don't want the numbers above the percentage. And I only want to extract the percentage of GOPEN, GSC, GST and GOBC columns. The rows are named SG, MG and OG. I want the percentage to have a * and # respectively if they are extracted form MG and OG row.

I would like the csv to have just 6 colums.

College Name - full name as shown in the pdf

Shift - valuie being First or Second

GOPEN - percent value (without the % sign)

GSC - percent value (without the % sign)

GOBC - percent value (without the % sign)

GST - percent value (without the % sign)

This is lot to ask. Which is why I was wondering if this kind of complex mining is even possible? Would it be better to convert this pdf to text first?


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