I trained a LGBMClassifier model and saved in a file in this way:

clf = lgb.LGBMClassifier( ... )
clf.fit(X_train, y_train, **fit_params)

y_pred = clf.predict_proba(X_data, num_iteration=clf.best_iteration_)[:, 1]

Now what I want is to use the saved model for another prediction. But if I do this:

## new predictions:
clf_fs = lgb.Booster(model_file='model1.txt')
y_pred2 = clf_fs.predict_proba(X_data2, num_iteration=clf_fs.best_iteration_)[:, 1]

I got an error as

AttributeError: 'Booster' object has no attribute 'predict_proba'

I understand that cls_fs is an object of class Booster and not of a class LGBMClassifier, and that I can use clf_fs.predict(), but how I can get back a LGBMClassifier object from the saved booster file and all its specific attributes?


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