I am working on implementing IBM Model 1. I have a parallel corpus of some 20,00,000 sentences (English to Dutch). Also, the sentences of the two docs are already aligned. Aim is to translate a Dutch sentence to English and vice-versa. The code I am using for generating the alignments is:

    A=pair_sent[0].split()  //To split English sentence
    B=pair_sent[1].split()  //To split Dutch sentence
    trips.append([zip(A, p) for p in product(B, repeat=len(A))])

Now, there are pair sentences with unequal number of words (like 10 in English and 14 in its Dutch Translation). Our professor told us that we should use NULLs or drop a word. But I don't understand how to do that? Where to insert NULL and how to choose which word to drop?


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