I'm working through the style transfer tutorial on tensorflow, see: style transfer

I made a few adjustments to my notebook, but it works fine for the base case:

[ content_image | transfer_image | style_image ] for all images:

enter image description here

However, I wanted to understand why the train_step() calls tf.keras.applications.vgg19.preprocess_input() on each step. I modified the notebook to precalculate the VGG preprocessing below. Notice that the input for the transfer_image is the same as the content_image and both have been preprocessed to BGR pixel ordering and mean centered.

enter image description here

I ran the same optimization with the following result: enter image description here

And here is the same result with vgg19.preprocess_input() reversed. Note that the original content_image and style_image reverse correctly, so I assume the same must be true for the transfer_image.

enter image description here

Obviously, the transfer_image that is optimized in the BGR+mean_centered domain is not the same as the one that was optimized in the normal RGB domain. I checked my code and the train_step is not adding a 2nd preprocessing step to the BGR+mean_centered input.

Intuitively, can anyone tell why this is the case?


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