I made an AI for Reversi, aka Othello (8×8), like Alpha Zero, using this book. This book is written in Japanese. The source code of the AI I implemented can be found in this Github repository. There are comments written in Japanese, but there are also comments written in English. Check the master branch's README file and source code on GitHub for more details.

I finished writing the code and I trained the model on Google Colab with a GPU. I stopped learning around the 3rd training cycle because it is very slow. I tried to rewrite to bitboard, but, it also very slow. So, how can I make my implementation faster or, in general, how can I improve my implementation, given that I have a limited amount or resources (including computing resources and money)?

Here are some ideas.

  • Reduce the number of hidden layers (it can be weak)
  • Rewrite the source code with Cython (it also run on Google Colab).
  • Rewrite the source code in C++, and run on my PC with GPU.
  • Increase the learning rate (it can do over-fitting)

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