I have built a playable dungeon crawler game that lets a character progress through a series of randomly generated rooms filled with doors, chests, stairs, etc. Ideally, I would be able to display a flavorful text description of each room by using a GAN to build a model that will

  1. Look at a room object and
  2. Describe that room in a flavorful and unique way (i.e. the room is small cramped and dark. A single torch shines in a brazier at the far end and mist hangs in the air...)

The only problem with the GAN approach is that I would need a data set filled with 'room : room-description' pairs. I have looked at text adventure games like Zork but it seems very difficult to scrape that kind of data.

Aside from sending out a survey where people write descriptions of rooms, can anyone think of a good way to generate such a data set? If I were to get said data set, is using a GAN in this way even possible? Is there a much better tool for the job?


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