I have to carry out a Music Generation project for a Deep Learning course I have this semester and I am using Pytorch. The dataset is songs in midi format and I use the python library mido to extract the data out of every song. The data in every midi song are organized as a series of discrete event messages.

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I plan to have my input of the LSTM for each time-step as a vectorized event of three variables:

x_t = [note, velocity, timestamp]

note: categorical variable, since it can take only one integer value in the range [0:127] which corresponds to a pitch.

velocity: I think it is categorical too, as it also takes one integer value in the range [0:127] which corresponds to the force with which the note is played.

timestamp: the continuous variable that corresponds to the number of seconds (mostly milliseconds) or ticks that have passed between the current and previous events.

My question is since I have a combination of categorical and continuous variables to predict:

  • Is it ok to one-hot-encode note and velocity and keep timestamp as is?
  • Should I further standardize timestamp?
  • Can I use a customized loss function (sum of cross-entropy loss for note/velocity plus mean squared error for timestamp), or it would mess up my model?

Please, I feel a bit lost and need your help/suggestions.

Thank you!!!


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