• Problem Statement -- A Newspaper Publishing Company (NPC) is facing increasing churn rates since years. This evolution has been jumpstarted by the rise of news- websites, and has continued at an accelerating rate due to the popularity of tablet computers and (social) news- aggregator applications. Hence the NPC requires a predictive retention (or churn) model in order to predict which customers will not renew their newspaper subscriptions. Customers are not allowed to cancel their subscriptions; hence a customer is defined as a churner if he or she does not renew the subscription once the current

    subscriptions end.

Now there are different tables in text format that I merged and then processed the data by removing null values and adding dummy variables

this is how my processed data info

Then I sorted my data by CustomerId and End date like this

enter image description here

Now I want to know the code to make a Churn column that gives the output 1 if a customer with a particular customer ID subscribes again (The 'CustomerID' is repeated in the next row) and gives 0 if the subscription ends after that particular row.


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