I have two dataframes:

    id   exerciseId  sets
    1       1         12  
    2       1         14
    2       2         15
    2       2         15

    id   exerciseName
    1      Squat        
    2      Pullup

I would like to find a way to replace the exerciseId in self.thisSession_df with the corresponding name from self.exercises_df

Hopeful result:

    id   exerciseId    sets
    1       Squat       12  
    2       Squat       14
    2       Pullup      15
    2       Pullup      15

I tried a solution that I found on here and modified it to come up with: self.thisSession_df['exerciseId'] = self.thisSession_df['exerciseId'].map(df1.set_index('id')['exerciseName'])

This gives me error: string indices must be integers

I would appreciate a nudge in right direction!


I would recommend merging your two dataframes to get the exercise names:

exercise_name_df = thisSession_df.merge(exercises_df, left_on='exerciseId', right_on='id')

This will give you a dataframe like

    id   exerciseId  sets  exerciseName
    1       1         12      Squat
    2       1         14      Squat
    2       2         15     Pullup
    2       2         15     Pullup

Then you can replace exerciseId with the name if you really want to:

# reassign id to name
exercise_name_df['exerciseId'] = exercise_name_df['exerciseName']
# drop redundant column
exercise_name_df.drop(columns=['exerciseName'], inplace=True)

I would argue that the above method is more readable than the map() solution. But I think the map() solution should also work with a small tweak:

thisSession_df['exerciseId'] = thisSession_df['exerciseId'].map(exercises_df.set_index('id')['exerciseName'])
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  • $\begingroup$ Yes, thank you so much! $\endgroup$ – Jacob Dec 11 '19 at 18:29

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