I tried installing PyFerret on my Macbook through the terminal. I got into my user directory with the terminal and gave it the following commands from this website https://anaconda.org/conda-forge/pyferret:

conda install -c conda-forge pyferret
conda install -c conda-forge/label/broken pyferret
conda install -c conda-forge/label/cf201901 pyferret

However, I noted that I only needed to download just one of them. I tried removing the files using

conda remove 
conda uninstall

but they did not work. Later I tried following the instructions from this website https://github.com/NOAA-PMEL/PyFerret/blob/master/README.md which instructs to type the following command

conda create -n FERRET -c conda-forge pyferret ferret_datasets --yes

then it says you can use PyFerret by calling it in the terminal as

conda activate FERRET

but the response I got was

CommandNotFoundError: Your shell has not been properly configured to use 'conda activate'.
To initialize your shell, run

    $ conda init <SHELL_NAME>

Currently supported shells are:
  - bash
  - fish
  - tcsh
  - xonsh
  - zsh
  - powershell

See 'conda init --help' for more information and options.

IMPORTANT: You may need to close and restart your shell after running 'conda init'.

I tried using

conda init -bash

and it sort of worked after that, I could use the command to activate PyFerret but it would only say PyFerrer on the name of my command line and I did not really know what was going on.

Could you please instruct me in how to uninstall everything? and if possible I would like to be instructed on how to get PyFerret to work as well.


It seems that Conda can only install one version of a package at a time,thus whatever installing command you use it will replace whatever other build you might have installed. So I reinstalled it using conda create -n FERRET -c conda-forge pyferret ferret_datasets --yes. After that I was able to activate the environment with conda activate FERRET If the terminal complains and asks you to initialize a shell, conda init bash should suffice to allow you to activate the environment.


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