I have a DataFrame with 4 columns: 'Headline', 'Body_ID', 'Stance', 'articleBody', with 'Headline' and 'articleBody containing cleaned and tokenized words. I want to find bi-grams using nltk and have this so far:

bigram_measures = nltk.collocations.BigramAssocMeasures()
articleBody_biGram_finder = df_2['articleBody'].apply(lambda x: BigramCollocationFinder.from_words(x))

I'm having trouble with the last step of applying the articleBody_biGram_finder with bigram_measures. I've tried multiple iterations of lambda with list comprehension but am getting nowhere.

my most recent attempts:

df_2['articleBody_scored'] = score_ngrams(bigram_measures.raw_freq) for item in articleBody_biGram_finder

df_2['articleBody_scored'] = articleBody_biGram_finder.apply(lambda x: BigramCollocationFinder.score_ngrams(bigram_measures.raw_freq))


df_2['bigram_scored'] = df_2['bigram_finder'].apply(lambda x: x.score_ngrams(bigram_measures.raw_freq))


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