Project Goal- Create an Anomaly Detection tool.

As the first step I worked on some python code that would parse my XML files into a Dataframe in csv file.

The next step is to go into machine learning, find a good approach for my data that would detect anomalies.

When it comes to machine learning and more specific outlier detection, I have little to no experience.

Looking for some good sources where I can learn more about anomaly detection, this is why I’m asking for advice and recommendations here.

Information regarding the data

The data is parsed into a datafram, where the first row has the headers. Some of the headers contain text while the others contain numbers.

  • $\begingroup$ Can you add some information about kind of data you are working with? If u parse XML file I guess you are now working with string data. From which technical field? $\endgroup$ – akhetos Jan 14 at 15:51

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