I have this task at hand and I would be grateful for some directions. Perfectly not the final solution as I would like to do it myself.

Let's say I need to create new fruit names based on existing ones.

I made it using textgenrnn library.

Now I have a list of potential new names. I would like to build a metric which would calculate that e.g.:

  1. (Fabic, Alis, Brooty, Morange etc) are potentially good fruit name
  2. (Ssae, Sriew, Adeoie, Seeea) are potential bad fruit names.

Is there any list of metrics for word generating?

As of now, I found following resources:

But since I learnt about them today, I would need a more vanilla introduction to this topic of validation.


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Maybe somebody will have a better idea but the default method would be to generate a set of names, then ask a few annotators to label them as good or bad (possibly scoring them from 1 very bad to 5 very good), and finally train a supervised model to recognize the good from the bad ones. This approach would also give you the opportunity to check the inter-annotator agreement, i.e. assess how subjective the choice good vs. bad is. In general a subjective task is difficult (or impossible) to do with an unsupervised metric.


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