Can someone please help me understand what the names and shapes of the following tensorboard histogram outputs mean about an LSTM model I coded? Thank you!

I understand the terms in the names like bias, gradients, LSTM etc. I do not understand what they are saying about the LSTM model with 3 cells. The LSTM model trains really well with no underfitting or overfitting.

Happy to provide any additional information, please ask!

Model Summary:

Layer (type) Output Shape Param #

lstm_2 (LSTM) (None, 3) 408

LSTM Model in keras: model = Sequential() model.add(LSTM(3, input_shape=(1,30))) model.add(Dense(1, activation='sigmoid'))

Tensorboard output of histograms: dense_1-bias_0 dense_1-bias_0_grad dense_1-kernel_0 dense_1-kernel_gradient dense_1-out lstm_1-bias_0 lstm_1-bias_0-grad lstm_1-kernel_0

Any help is much appreciated.


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