I have 102 observations. I made standard scale for dataset. I have found the accuracy training and accuracy testing values, but training score is 1.00 and testing score is -217.541. I have run with MLPRegressor score. What does negative accuracy testing score mean?

FileX_train, FileX_test,FileY_train,FileY_test = train_test_split(FileX,FileY,test_size=0.33, random_state=0)

sc = StandardScaler()
X_train = sc.fit_transform(FileX_train)
X_test = sc.transform(FileX_test)

sc = StandardScaler()
Y_train = sc.fit_transform(FileY_train)
Y_test = sc.transform(FileY_test)

from sklearn.neural_network import MLPRegressor
from sklearn.metrics import accuracy_score
mlp = MLPRegressor(solver='lbfgs',activation='tanh', hidden_layer_sizes=(100,), max_iter=1000000000, learning_rate='constant')
mlp.fit(X_train, Y_train.ravel())
print('Accuracy training : {:.3f}'.format(mlp.score(X_train, Y_train)))
print('Accuracy testing : {:.3f}'.format(mlp.score(X_test, Y_test)))


Accuracy training : 1.000 Accuracy testing : -217.541


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You haven't actually used accuracy_score, and the default scorer for sklearn regressors is R^2:

A negative value for R^2 generally means a very bad fit:


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