I am working on a counterfeit medicine sales prediction regression model. As the relationship between target & response variables is non-linear I used tree based regressors random forests and XGB. The mse on validation data for both RF & XGB are similar but since XGB overfitted less I went ahead with it.

Then I calculated permutation feature importances & selected the important features.

The problem in the model is it is consistently under predicting high values of target variables as shown in the image.

Actuals vs Predictions-XGB

Below is the distribution of target variable/sales.It is quite skewed but am not sure if that's the reason for bad predictions for high sales values. Can anybody please guide me how deal with this? Do I need to apply some multivariate outlier removal technique or is there any other solution to this.

count 6814.000000

mean 2280.450245

std 1693.360070

min 146.290000

50% 1902.670400

80% 3540.804720

90% 4644.967440

95% 5582.547000

97% 6155.135000

98% 6679.638924

99% 7351.238042

99.5% 8246.805622

max 13199.964800


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