I'm using a custom loss function in Keras. This is the function:

def custom_loss(groups_id_count):
  def listnet_loss(real_labels, predicted_labels):
    losses = tf.placeholder(shape=[None], dtype=tf.float32) # Tensor of rank 1
    for group in groups_id_count:
      start_range = 0
      end_range = (start_range + group[1])
      batch_real_labels = tf.slice(real_labels, [start_range, 1, None], [end_range, 1, None])
      batch_predicted_labels = tf.slice(predicted_labels, [start_range, 0, 0], [end_range, 0, 0])
      loss = -K.sum(get_top_one_probability(batch_real_labels)) * tf.math.log(get_top_one_probability(batch_predicted_labels))
      losses = tf.concat([losses, loss], axis=0)
      start_range = end_range
    return K.mean(losses)
  return listnet_loss

I would get real_labelsand predicted_labelsitems from start_range to end_range, but the current code returns an exception:


TypeError: Failed to convert object of type <class 'list'> to Tensor.
Contents: [0, 1, None]. Consider casting elements to a supported type.

I don't know what to do because it's my first experience with TensorFlowand Keras. How can I get the items using indexing on tensor? Thanks in advance.


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