I'm looking for open source time series sales data (past 2-3 yrs or more) that contains at least the following variables.

1. Date: the date of Sales
2. Product: multiple products, sub-types
3. Store / department: multiple stores
4. Promo (week, year)
5. Promo Interval
6. Competition Open Since(month, year)
7. Competition Distance
8. Level of Assortment
9. Number of Customers

Also, the following external variables (not limited to) that may affect sales:

1. Marketing Cost
2. Advertisement Cost
3. Research Cost
4. Inflation
5. Seasonality
6. Weather
7. Is holiday

The goal is to predict sales for next year, and to analyze the effect of external variables on the predicted sales. I tried searching in datasetsearch, kaggle, data.world etc. but yet to find a comprehensive dataset. I'd appreciate if you could give some pointers.



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