I tried to install Basemap and it gives me this:

preparing transaction: done

verifying transaction: done

executing transaction: failed

ERROR conda.core.link:_execute(507): An error occurred while uninstalling packag

e 'defaults::conda-4.5.12-py37_0'.

PermissionError (13, Access is denied)

Attempting to roll back

Rolling back transaction: done

PermissionError (13, Access is denied)

Question: What should I do next? I will appreciate your response as I have been on this for some time now.


NOTE: I have also tried to install cartopy but I ran into the same problem.

NOTE: I use Windows 7 32 bits. I use python 3.7.1


Assuming you are talking about Basemap Matplotlib Toolkit, you have to manually download the Windows binary installers.


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