If I have to use scikit-learn (sklearn) library for classification and the feature matrix is a sparse matrix, then which of the classification algorithms of this library can be used by me?


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From this kaggle discussion, the classification algorithms from scikit-learn that support sparse matrices are at least:

  • linear_model.LogisticRegression()
  • svm.SVR()
  • svm.NuSVR()
  • naive_bayes.MultinomialNB()
  • naive_bayes.BernoulliNB()
  • linear_model.PassiveAggressiveClassifier()
  • linear_model.Perceptron()
  • linear_model.Ridge()
  • linear_model.Lasso()
  • linear_model.ElasticNet()
  • linear_model.SGDClassifier()

Also, from this quora question, you can check in the implementation of the algorithm if they import scipy.sparse.csr_matrix .


In addition to @ncasas 's links, Here is the full list of classification/regression/feature selection and few more by David Ziganto's blog. Which I referred last week-


Also, from sk-learn documentation, they have example code for text classification which is using few of models.



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