I am following this Deep Graph tutorial to learn more about GNNs. In the last step, they create a visualization of the network training, using the following code:

import matplotlib.animation as animation
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

def draw(i):
    cls1color = '#00FFFF'
    cls2color = '#FF00FF'
    pos = {}
    colors = []
    for v in range(34):
        pos[v] = all_logits[i][v].numpy()
        cls = pos[v].argmax()
        colors.append(cls1color if cls else cls2color)
    ax.set_title('Epoch: %d' % i)
    nx.draw_networkx(nx_G.to_undirected(), pos, node_color=colors,
            with_labels=True, node_size=300, ax=ax)

fig = plt.figure(dpi=150)
ax = fig.subplots()
draw(0)  # draw the prediction of the first epoch
ani = animation.FuncAnimation(fig, draw, frames=len(all_logits), interval=200)

When I tried running this in jupyter notebook, I don't get anything. why?


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