I am evaluating the performance of my deep learning model. My model is using an early stopping technic and I would like to do 5-fold cross-validation. Would below be the correct performance evaluation?

training, test split for 4:1 and split the training set into a training, validation set 4:1. Eventually, the train, validation, and test splits are 16:4:5

Do above for 5 times with changing the test set fold.

[ fold 0 ][ fold 1 ][ fold 2 ][ fold 3 ][ fold 4 ]
[                train                 ][  test  ]

# sub folds
[sub  0][sub  1][sub  2][sub  3][sub  4]           <-- split training set into training, validation sets
[            train             ][valid ][  test  ]

I had checked link_01, link_02, link_03, and link_04 but couldn't find exact solution,


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