I have a data frame in the format mentioned in the screenshot below. Column 'Candidate Won' has only 'loss' as the column value for all the rows. I want to update the Column 'Candidate Won' to a value 'won' if the corresponding row's '% of Votes' is maximum when grouped by 'Constituency' Column otherwise the value should be 'loss'. I want to achieve the result by using a combination of apply, lambda, and group by, instead of using loops/iterations.

DataFrame : (df_andhrapradesh)

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Code below works for a specific constituency in the data frame :

df_amalapuram['Candidate Won']=df_amalapuram['% of Votes'].apply(lambda x:"Won" if x==df_amalapuram['% of Votes'].max() else "Loss")

Tried something like below to make it work for the entire data frame which has different constituencies but it failed:

df_andhrapradesh['Candidate Won']=df_andhrapradesh['% of Votes'].apply(lambda x:"Won" if x==df_andhrapradesh.groupby('Constituency')['% of Votes'].max() else "Loss")
  • $\begingroup$ You want to change the column "Candidate Won" value to won if the '% of votes' column is maximum in each group where grouping based on 'Constituency' column, right? $\endgroup$
    – user119783
    Jul 6, 2021 at 13:32

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I used 'Apply' function to every row in the pandas data frame and created a custom function to return the value for the 'Candidate Won' Column using data frame,row-level 'Constituency','% of Votes'

Custom Function Code:

def update_candidateresult(df,a,b):
max_voteshare=df.groupby(df['Constituency']==a)['% of Votes'].max()[True]
if b==max_voteshare:
    return "won"
    return "loss"

Final Code :

 df_andhrapradesh['Candidate Won']=df_andhrapradesh.apply(lambda row:update_candidateresult(df_andhrapradesh,row['Constituency'],row['% of Votes']),axis=1)

I prefer to read the maximum value index of each group and change the value of the candidate:

df.loc[df.groupby('Constiteuncy').idxmax().values.ravel(), 'candidate'] = 'won'

But if you prefer to use apply and lambda as you mentioned, you could try this:

index_max = df.groupby(['Constiteuncy'])['Vote'].apply(lambda x: x.idxmax())
df.loc[index_max , 'candidate'] = 'won'

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