I have a project where I would like to extract data from a series of scatter plots that are image files (Jpeg or png). The plots are similar but the axes scales are not always exactly the same. I have looked online and there are some web app solutions that are very “manual” and require a lot of clicking. This would get tiresome if there are a lot of graphs.

Does anyone know of any solutions that are partly or wholly automated? A python API solution would be ideal but other languages are also ok.


Digitizing Graph. I know a tool that can semi-automatically extract data, (scattered points and curves) from graph images within a few clicks. But it is not in Python.

It is PlotDigitizer.com. I have used the tool and based on my experience it is better than some others I have used earlier.

Here is a simple guide to use it:

  1. Upload the image graph
  2. Calibrate both axes graph - you have to do it manually
  3. Pick the color of points or curves you want to extract
  4. Select auto-extracting algorithms, e.g. points, curves

Done. You have extracted the data points.

You can find a more detailed guide on its website: plotdigitizer.com.


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